It’s Science Day In Rockies Camp

The Colorado Rockies celebrated Pi day with this educationally inspired pic.
Players lined up in the order of the first thirty numbers of the equation, 3.14159265358979323846264338327.

Milwaukee Admirals Host First Responder Night

The Milwaukee Admirals will host First Responder Night on April 1 and be sporting this nifty jersey. Firemen vs Cops in a Battle of the Badges game will be played before the Admirals game.

Evansville Ice Men To Jacksonville

Florida can add another professional sports team to their stable as the Evansville IceMen will be relocating to Jacksonville to begin play next season as the Ice Men. The team is currently non-active due to arena disputes. The Ice men will be filling a void left by the Lizard Kings, who operations ceased in 2000.

Louisville Bats Host Muhammad Ali Night

The Louisville Bats minor league baseball team will be hosting Muhammad Ali night on June 3, one-year after his death. They will be wearing these Ali themed jerseys that night. Following the game, all jerseys will be auctioned off with the proceeds going to the Muhammad Ali Center. It’s just one part of “I Am Ali” festival this summer.

Laval Rocket Unveil Their Uniforms

The St. John’s Ice Caps will be moving to Laval, Quebec beginning next season. As such, they will be changing the name as well to the Laval Rocket. The new uniforms have been unveiled and here are the color and white versions. While using the Canadiens colors they won’t be wearing the parent jerseys, which is a good thing. If you want to wear the Habs jersey, earn the promotion.

Blue Jays Add Some Red

The Toronto Blue Jays are adding a all-red jersey to their stable this season. They will be worn for Sunday home games and select games in July. A nice display of national pride being Canada’s only MLB team.

Colorado Rockies Finally Go Purple

The Colorado Rockies are making a change to their brand for the upcoming 2017 season. If you don’t pay attention closely to colors, the Rockies have brightened their purple to be more “purpley” and give it a consistent color match whether it’s a hat, jersey or various stadium lighting. This long overdue adjustment is the first change in the clubs 24-year history. And what a nice change it will be.

Albany Devils On The Move?

Unconfirmed reports out of the Capital District have the Devils leaving Albany at the end of the season and moving to Binghamton, replacing the Senators who are moving their franchise to Belleville. Stay tuned hockey fans

No Alternates for NHL Next Year

One of the negatives coming out of the NHL deal with Adidas is no alternates uniforms next season. The NHL has stated this will make the introduction of the Adidas apparel easier. It is surprising that a major apparel manufacturer is unable to handle this, seeing as they have had over a year to address this issue. Hopefully Adidas won’t be tied to one template as Reebok was and please return to true horizontal stripes.

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