Today Is August 4th, anyone who is over the age of forty might remember this day in 1982 when Joel Youngblood stepped into the record books. Playing for the New York Mets in a day game at Wrigley Field versus the Chicago Cubs, Joel Youngblood singled in two runs of Fergie Jenkins.

In the fourth inning, Met manager George Bamberger pulled Youngblood from his right field position to inform him of being traded to the Montreal Expos. The younger generation might not remember the Cubs had to play day games since lights did not exist at Wrigley Filed at the time.

So, off to Philadelphia to meet the Expos for a night game versus the Phillies. Joel Youngblood gets inserted into the game as a defensive replacement. In his only plate appearance he gets a single off Phillies ace Steve Carlton completing his long day into the record books. The only player to get two hits for two different teams in two different cities.