1. Minnesota North Stars: This is the gold standard. While red and blue garner the attention of most NHL teams, Minnesota’s green and gold rules the day.
  2. Chicago Blackhawks: This uni has seen very little change to what most considered the top pick, sweet but still comes in at the second spot.
  3. Los Angeles Kings: They sport the color of royalty, purple, yet chose black. When your color palette possesses purple and gold, why would you choose black?
  4. St. Louis Blues: They’ve have many combinations over the years but this uniform will always stand above all others.
  5. Philadelphia Flyers: A color few have used. Orange makes this uniform a classic. Fortunately their foray into black didn’t last.
  6. Atlanta Flames: Gone but not forgotten, this red and gold classic has resurfaced. Hopefully on a full-time basis sooner than later. They even look great in white.
  7. Quebec Nordiques: They moved, but the faithful still hold out hope they will return. Hopefully someday the blue and white return.
  8. San Jose Sharks: When they first appeared in 1991. They took branding to a new level with this sweet color of teal.
  9. Vancouver Canucks: The “V” for victory didn’t win over too many fans, but the next version was a winner. This gold uniform should have been a keeper.
  10. Hartford Whalers: Everybody loves the green, even myself. But the color swap of green to blue turned out to be a an even better uniform.