What MLB Needs to Get back To!

Atlanta: These home and away need to replace the current atrocities.
Boston: They need to bring these home and away back.
Baltimore: Bring bad the old alt road and away days.
Cincinnati: The big red machine!  Home and away. Sansabelt and all.
Cleveland: The 90’s home  (even though it’s a movie pic) and away.
Chicago Cubs: This road uniform is the best ever.
California: What they have is nice, but this home and road is better.
Pittsburgh: The days of Pops. Gold, white, gold/black, black/gold.
Minnesota: The powder blues and pinstripes.
Florida: Teal is for real. This is a home run.
San Diego: Bring back da brown!
San Francisco: The orange rules! This alternate.

Sens Retire Alfredsson’s No. 11

Daniel Alfredsson had his number 11 retired December 29th courtesy of the Ottawa Senators. He is the club’s all-time leader in goals, assists and points during his 13 season career, all with the Senators.

The Flyers Attempt Failure Again

When someone has one of the best colors in the color palette, why would they choose to go black? The Flyers tried this obsession years ago and it turned out to be in my opinion, the biggest mistake they could have made regarding their uniforms. This is their atrocious jersey for the upcoming Stadium Series. Good thing for the fans it’s a one-time thing.

The Best Each City Had To Offer

1. Philadelphia – The Eagles, Flyers, Sixers, Phillies home and away. And the Flyers again, just because.They got it right then seemed to go wrong at times. But still the best there ever was. And this is coming from a Mets/Giants fan.

2. Atlanta – The Falcons, Braves, Flames and Hawks. The Braves back then were the weak link in this chain, but they’ve come up with nothing better since.

3. Minnesota – The Vikings, NorthStars, Twins and Timberwolves. Minnesota just got it right but unfortunately as times changes, so does beauty.

4. St. Louis – The Cardinals, Blues and Cardinals again. The Rams just aren’t St. Louis no matter what anyone says.

5. Oakland – The A’s home, away and alt. The Raiders and Golden Seals home and away, for anyone who remembers when they were Golden.

6. San Francisco – The 49ers and Giants home and away. When you have orange in your color palette, why screw it up with black?

7. Houston – The Astros, Oilers and Rockets. What the Texans wear just can’t compare to the Oilers.

8. New York – The Giants, Jets, Mets, Rangers and Islanders. Some people love the Yankees, but let’s face it, their uni’s are as bland as you can get.

9. Tampa Bay –  The Buccaneers home and away, Rays and Lightning. Even though everyone hates them, I love the Bucs orange.

10. Miami – The Dolphins, Heat, Panthers and Marlins home and away. They have the best sunshine colors and seem to screw it up by going black. I just don’t get it.


Penguins Celebrate 1991 and 1992 Stanley Cup Teams

The Pittsburgh Penguins celebrated their 1991 and 1992 Stanley Cup winning teams Saturday night and gave the players a cool jersey to wear. Check this out!

1967 New Orleans Saints

Check out this pic of a reunion of the 1967 New Orleans Saints. Sweet jersey’s on these guys.

Notre Dame “All-Green Everything”

I’ll be the first to say I hate everything that is Notre Dame, however, these new all-green everything uniforms are sweet! Whether it translates to wins on the court is another story.  But they will look good regardless.

The Philly Cheesehead!

Now this is funny. I actually find this amusing and ingenious that a fan would wear the “Philly Cheesehead“. I’m just surprised that no one had thought of this before.

San Diego Padres Blasé Uniforms

The San Diego Padres have unveiled their new uniforms for the 2017 season and they are consistent. That is, if you consider failure consistent. Fortunately the Friday night brown uni stays, but not much else to lean on. It’s a shame the Padres owner wants to see a “sea of blue” in the stands that he would force these generic uniforms on the fanbase.

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