Frederick Douglass High School Goes PC

Frederick Douglass high school in Kentucky has changed it’s mascot again. After changing to the Stallions, it’s was deemed sexist. As a result, a new vote was held with Stallions being eliminated. To make everyone happy, hopefully, it is now the Broncos.


How The Astros Rainbow Uniform Came About

If you’ve ever wondered about how the creation of the 70’s Houston Astros uniforms came about, here is a story interviewing the creative team that gave the baseball world the iconic rainbow uniforms.

The Astros Are Giving Away A 1997 Jeff Bagwell Jersey

The Houston Astros will be giving away a Jeff Bagwell 1997 throwback jersey to the first 10,000 fans through the door August 4th when they host the Toronto Blue Jays. The giveaway coincides with his induction into the Baseball Hall of Fame on August 30th.

The AHL Is Still Catering To the West Coast

The American Hockey League schedule is out and it still has an uneven amount of games played. The Pacific division will again be at 68 games while the rest of the league will be playing 76 games.
The west coast teams got what they wanted when they wanted their minor league affiliates closer to home but actual games are still the best barometer of a players progression. The AHL needs to clamp down on this or let the left coast teams form a reincarnation of the WCHL.

Tampa Bay Lightning Unveil 25th Anniversary Logo

The Tampa Bay Lightning unveiled their 25th Anniversary logo as well as their white away jersey. Unfortunately, generic is the word of the day when these were created. Oh well, maybe next time.

Norfolk Admirals Go Retro

The new affiliation with the Nashville Predators has brought a change to the Admirals brand as well. Bringing back the colors of old as well as a mix of old and new to the new logo will endear many longtime fans.  New uniforms will accompany the logo in July.

Pad-Rays Break Out The Fauxbacks!

The Tampa Bay Rays dressed in their 70’s themed fauxback uniforms saturday night versus the Oakland A’s. They weren’t around back then but the Padres-themed knockoffs still look good.

It’s Science Day In Rockies Camp

The Colorado Rockies celebrated Pi day with this educationally inspired pic.
Players lined up in the order of the first thirty numbers of the equation, 3.14159265358979323846264338327.

Milwaukee Admirals Host First Responder Night

The Milwaukee Admirals will host First Responder Night on April 1 and be sporting this nifty jersey. Firemen vs Cops in a Battle of the Badges game will be played before the Admirals game.

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